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Papers Related to TASCEL

  • J. Lifflander, S. Krishnamoorthy, and L. Kale. "Steal Tree: low-overhead tracing of work stealing schedulers". PLDI'13
  • J. Lifflander, S. Krishnamoorthy, and L. Kale. "Work stealing and persistence-based load balancers for iterative overdecomposed applications". HPDC'12
  • W. Ma and S. Krishnamoorthy. "Data-driven fault tolerance for work stealing computations". ICS'12.
  • J. Lifflander, P. Miller, and L. V. Kale. "Adoption protocols for fanout-optimal fault-tolerant termination detection". PPoPP'13
  • J. Daily, S. Krishnamoorthy, and A. Kalyanaraman. "Towards scalable optimal sequence homology detection". ParGraph'12
  • A. Panyala, D. Chavarria, and S. Krishnamoorthy. "On the use of term rewriting for performance optimization of legacy HPC applications". ICPP'12
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