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The Suite for Embedded Applications and Kernels (SEAK)


As the space of embedded applications grows, many of them are plagued by difficult-to-characterize performance and power bottlenecks. To alleviate the development and deployment of novel embedded concepts, we developed a novel benchmark suite: the Suite for Embedded Applications and Kernels (SEAK), that aims to capture these bottlenecks in a way that encourages creative and novel solutions and that provides a rigorous evaluation methodology to analyze the trade-off between different solutions. To prevent any biased towards existent hardware or software solutions, both algorithms and architectures are variables in the suite. Thus, each benchmark has a mission-centric (abstracted from a particular algorithm) and goal-oriented (functional) specification. To encourage solutions that are any combination of hardware and software, we approach evaluation with an end-user black-box methodology.

Such evaluation methodology can better inform procurement decisions of future systems when capturing and analyzing the complex trade-offs between performance, power, accuracy, size and weight. Since the algorithm and architecture views are abstracted as far as possible, our benchmark is better adept to shifting algoritmic/architectural preferences. We called this quality to be future proof.

This webpage is the repository for the SEAK Specification and Suite effort. To download the current version of the benchmark suite, please follow the link provided below. For any comments, questions or suggestions, send an email to Joseph Manzano or Nathan Tallent.

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