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PNNL: High Performance Computing

Interface to Other Software

Linear Algebra

At present time, GA toolkit contains interfaces to linear algebra libraries:

  • PeIGS parallel eigensolver library
  • SUMMA parallel matrix multiplication
  • PETSc partial differential equation solvers

Computational Steering and Visualization

  • CUMULVS: a software framework that enables programmers to incorporate fault-tolerance, interactive visualization and computational steering into existing parallel programs.

Message Passing

The current implementation of the GA toolkit is configurable to run with either the MPI (Message Passing Interface) or TCGMSG portable message passing libraries. The GA could also be adopted to work with PVM.

As a convenience to the programmer, GA provides its own interface to broadcast and reduce collective operations insensitive to the selection of the message-passing library.

Other Software

Some of the GA operations use the MA, a portable memory allocator library developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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