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Libraries within GA

The Global Arrays toolkit consists of many useful and related pieces.

  • Communication Runtime for Extreme Scale (ComEx) provides vector and strided interfaces to optimize performance of remote memory copy operations for non-contiguous data.
  • ChemIO aka Parallel IO (pario) is a package consisting of three independent parallel I/O libraries for high-performance computers. It was designed for computational chemistry; however, the supported abstractions and features are general enough to be of interest to other applications.
  • Memory Allocator (MA) is a local memory manager/allocator with several useful features not available in Fortran or C languages.
  • Task Scheduling Library (tascel)
  • TCGMSG is an efficient but limited in functionality (comparing to MPI) message-passing library available on many current (and legacy) systems.
  • TCGMSG-MPI is a portability layer between TCGMSG and MPI. It is recommended as a transition library from TCGMSG to MPI for existing TCGMSG codes.

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